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Yellow Dog Services, LLC.


About Us

A Brief History of Yellow Dog Services

Yellow Dog Services was founded in 1994 when the owner, Jason Benedict was in college and filled the need for a small land clearing and property clean up company for his family's real estate brokerage.
Our goal has always been conservation through good stewardship, and we attempt to restore the Hill Country through conservation and responsible land clearing methods property management. We find our best working relationships are with landowners who want to work with their property to restore or reclaim it from overgrazing, poor cedar or brush management, extensive erosion, and dead trees from fire, drought, and oak wilt. 

While we don't hate cedar, we do see a need for responsible clearing and thinning and that's what makes us different than the other land clearing contractors. For healthy properties and fire-wise strategies, we don't recommend clear cutting, nor do we use scare tactics such as "cedars soak up all the water" "cedars are invasive." These native trees are not invasive, however, they can be aggressive colonizers in poor soils or open fields, fence lines, and under hardwoods. On larger tracts, we often recommend clearing in mosaic patterns that mimic natural forests that are broken up by meadows. Cutting trails through smaller tracts will make your property seem larger and if you have a lot of thin soils, we recommend keeping some trees to make new soil. This is also a fire-wise strategy for both fire breaks and for vehicle access during emergencies.

We love our own managed forests and when oak wilt hit our ranches, we were glad that we left our mature cedars especially the ones we trimmed up. We understand that each property owner needs to make their own decisions for their land use goals and the health of their property, but if you ask us, we will share what we have learned over the years. We are here to help whether it's cutting in new roads, slowing or stopping oak wilt, cedar mulching, our return to rock crushing, erosion control and we even tear down old structures and clean up properties that have been used as a dump.
Let us help you open your land to enjoyment!

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